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Picking blueberries

Our blueberries are raised in irrigated, mulched beds with mowed aisles in between. This allows the customers access to each bush from two sides. While most of our berries are grown on level ground, some are grown on a slope.The fields are also netted to keep out birds so the berries are able to reach their peak size and ripeness.

We provide picking buckets with a cord attached so customers can tie on the buckets and have both hands free to pick. We line the buckets with plastic take-home bags so the berries can be lifted out and weighed at our check-out stand.

If you plan to pick a large quantity of berries, we have shelf space for storing your marked bags of berries to keep them out of the heat.

We accept cash and personal checks.

Which berries to pick?

The best way to tell if a blueberry is completely ripe is how easily it comes off the bush. The ripest berries will be completely blue, without red on the back. When baking berries, some cooks prefer some tartness to their berries, however, for fresh eating most people prefer the ripest, sweetest berries.

Often ripe berries are overlooked in the top, bottom or center of the bush. Do not be afraid to reach inside the bush for ripe berries.

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