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Care for Blueberries
  • Blueberries stay fresh in the refrigerator for over a week. 

  • Don't rinse the berries before storing them.

  • It is best to allow the berries some ventilation in the refrigerator.

  • Remember that berries are easily smashed, so avoid packing them under other items without protection.


There are lots of great recipes available at the Blueberry Council website.  This site also includes nutritional information.

Freezing Instructions
  •  Don't rinse the berries before storing them.

  • To freeze blueberries sort out any debris, let them air dry if they are wet (setting them under a ceiling fan helps them to dry faster), place the berries in a freezer bag or container, and freeze.

  • Rinse the berries when you remove them from the freezer.

  • If you prefer to wash your berries before freezing, let them air dry before packing them into freezer bags or containers.

Blueberry Nutrition

Many health benefits and nutrition information relating to blueberries can also be found at the Blueberry Council website.

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